Leaked: Top Secret Mars NASA Footage Compilation

Over the years, tapes of Mars footage has been released. This compilation puts a couple of tapes in one place for you to decide if they are real or just elaborate hoaxes. 
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Oklahoma Police Chase Ends With Crash


A woman led state troopers in Oklahoma on a wild high-speed chase, eventually flipping her car several times before getting caught while trying to escape on foot.

KABC Channel 7 in Oklahoma City says the car driven by the woman exceeded 100 mph during the chase. News9.com reports speeds reached 120 mph as the chase progressed on interstate highways near the city.

The driver lost control of the car attempting to exit the highway, driving into the grass and going airborn, which then caused the vehicle to roll several times.
Despite the crash, she then got out of the car and attempted to run but was… (Full Article)

Aguadilla UFO Captured By Puerto Rico Coast Guard

This UFO footage was captured by the Puerto Rico Coast Guard. It depicts a small orb flying at fast speeds around the airport before crashing into the sea only to resurface with a second UFO. Captured on IR camera, the black color of the object shows incredible heat coming from it. To the Coast Guards observations, the orb appeared to have a strange red light on it. Watch the video!

The Best Fake & Funny Life Hacks Memes Compilation

“Life Hacks” are very popular and mostly useful. These hilarious life hack memes are most definitely ones that you should NOT try at home. Watch the video!