The Best Fake & Funny Life Hacks Memes Compilation

“Life Hacks” are very popular and mostly useful. These hilarious life hack memes are most definitely ones that you should NOT try at home. Watch the video!

Mysterious Plane Flying Backwards at French Open & More!

Recently mysterious planes have been spotted flying backwards. This compilation includes the recent plane shadow flying backwards at the French Open. Is this some strange UFO phenomenon or a new fake plane technology? Watch the video!

Canadian Police Chase Motorcycle Through Mall

A man in Surrey, British Columbia drives his motorcycle down the escalator and through the mall before exiting and leading police on a high speed pursuit. This dramatic video recently released by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police shows the motorcyclist who failed to stop for police.

Police Dash Cam Video Captures NJ House Explosion in Stafford Township

Dashcam video shows a natural gas explosion that leveled a house that was unoccupied at the time. But 15 people, including firefighters and gas company workers, were injured on February 24th from the explosion near the New Jersey shore.